Thursday, July 19, 2007


The ethanol industry, in the name of "going green", has fooled us into thinking that we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil by simply growing more domestic corn. The amount of corn that would make a significant impact on oil imports is astronomical. Meanwhile, the increased corn production already is pushing food prices ever higher. Bought milk lately? Any savings we get from ethanol is going to be eaten up by increased costs in other areas. The same goes for most other "green" ideas. Recycling, for example, is a government subsidized unprofitable feel-good crock of shit. We have so much room on this planet we could bury all the trash we produce for years to come in a VERY small area. Furthermore, the ethanol "solution" is unworkable in the United States. Corn is not the most efficient crop to make ethanol. Sugar cane is. Brazil grows tons and have reduced their oil imports greatly. But Brazil has the climate and resources to do this with sugar cane. We don't. (Hawaii couldn't possibly supply our needs alone.) We would have to import. SOUND FAMILIAR? This global warming foolishness, once people get wind of how much it will actually impact the average person in higher energy and food costs, will likely go the way of the dinosaur. And, mark my words, WE WON'T, especially if we are smart enough to say no to the lefty loonies and their "carbon offsets." The only people who are really pushing this crap on us are Al Gore and his rich cronies, who can easily afford to live the way they always have and buy their way out of any inconvenience. The rest of us will suffer. Ironically, it's the right who are usually accused of not caring about people.

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Hotter than a blast furnace said...

one fringe benefit would be that it would offer us more of an opportunity to say "Myyyyy .. he moves fast .. a sound buck .. good for the sugar cane" ..

I think these people are just trying to find ways to solve the problem, and they are not intending to screw anybody (although some on the extreme left tend to venture a little too far into an ideological dream world, but that's only the extremeists - those crazy fucking hippies).. but from my experience .. its the people on the right that are into the screwing people game .. for instance, they didn't like it when Joe Wilson told the truth and interfered with their oil game, so they screwed his wife, commuted the convict that was an instrument in that, and now they threw out her legal case .. I've only ever seen the left try and help and support people, and I've always seen the right try and smear and scare people .. smear and fear .. that's all I hear .. I need a beer .. cause there's a queer .. on Al Jazir ..

Bush and Cheney spend their spare time shooting captive animals .. and maybe a hunting buddy on occasion .. that is just so creepy ..

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