Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Narrow Minds vs. Narrowcasting

The recent decision to jack up the royalty rates for internet radio stations is re-goddamn-diculous! As if narrow-playlist Queer Channel doesn't control enough of the terrestrial market, now small guys on the web are falling like dominoes because they can't afford to pay so much to play a wider variety of music that actually helped to expose people to eclectic tunes they may not hear otherwise. This, in turn led to increased sales of said music, much of it bought and downloaded from the web. This method of getting music is still booming, but sales of CDs are way down. The paranoia of the music biz is contributing to its downfall. The record companies need to embrace new ways of distributing their wares or they will perish.

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Let go of my ears said...

Pirating music on the internet certainly hasn't helped matters for the music industry either .. like they said in the Roast of Pam Anderson .. Cortney love has screwed more musicians than Napster ..

but not to fear .. there are still many cool stations who stream their audio on the interner for free .. try WMNF here in Tampa: http://www.wmnf.org/ .. they play allot of cool eclectic stuff on weekday afternoons - takes the edge off the drive home from work .. kind of reminds me of the 70's when WHSN played awesome tunes that you never heard .. I also remember an excellent alternative station in Phoenix when I was out there - don't remember the frequency though, but nothing the scan button won't resolve .. a google search may turn up numerous streaming audio sources .. thank God Al Gore invented the internet ..

And speaking of the Pam Anderson Roast .. one of the funniest lines I thought was a comment about the Pam/Tommy Lee sex tape .. "I haven't seen a bigger dick on a boat since I went yachting with Donald Trump" LOL!