Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hotter Than a Blast Furnace

Today Phoenix set a sweaty record: 29 days with temperatures at 110 degrees or more. The previous record was 28. The norm is something like ten days a summer. I still don't believe in global warming. These extremes happened in the past and will happen in the future. They are deviations from the norm. Nothing to get hot under the collar about!

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I Guss You Could Say Those Are Hot Pants said...

The scientific facts all add up and are all completely logical .. the only problem is that there is a politician championing the issue .. Check out Tom Brokaw's Discovery Channel special on global warming and listen to the facts with an open mind, if you don't want to listen to Al Gore say the same thing ..

Even if part of it is a natural warming cycle of the earth, it seems wise to minimize our contribution to it to avoid the kinds of problems that will result .. conservatives fear that liberals are just out to destroy all industrialization, when in reality they are just trying to care about the condition of the earth .. granted there are some extremists that might want to stop all the evil Dick Cheney's in the world, but to say all liberals in the world are tree huggers is like saying every conservative in the world is a bathroom fag ..